What is Included in your prefab package...

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Starting with our NEW PROJECT INQUIRY form we start to gather information from you on your project and your property details.  We have questions about your project and you have questions for us.  There are a lot of details to cover so we spend as much time as it takes to find the right building for your needs. Typically we meet virtually 2-3 times by video conferencing so that you are able to visualize the process and have ample opportunity to ask questions as we walk you through all of the details.

Once we have determined that we are a good fit for your project and a deposit has been confirmed we will do a site visit and begin working on your site specific design and documentation for permitting.  

We need to narrow down whether the building you want is allowed to be on your property to begin with and if you have started the permitting process. If you haven’t we help with that. 

Our design team assists with all the documentation that you will need for local building authorities. 

For 99% of buildings a full set of plans with elevations and details is expected for permit approval . For small “accessory buildings” under 107 ft2 most municipalities only require a site planOur Studio Mini fits this criteria. 



The outer shells (or envelope) of all of our buildings are structural and require no additional support from interior walls so there is quite a lot of flexibility in reconfiguring the layout of all of the rooms and location of kitchens, services and entryways. We typically offer a couple ideal variations of layouts and if you want minor changes this is typically done at no additional charge. However larger reconfigurations are done for a flat fee of $1,000

Mass Timber video

Our specialty over the past 20 years has been in the realm of mass timber and timber components. This work relies on working with engineers and special mechanical hardware to achieve. While wood has been used as a mainstream  building material for centuries the past 10-20 years has seen an explosion in the development of technology that has enabled wood to be taken even farther as a sustainable building material.  Heavy wood in the form of beautiful posts beams and trusses remains valued heirlooms but now as a modern engineered building product but wood is also leading the way as a high performance construction material. It is a truly sustainable and long lasting material.  

All of our panels are comprised of the structural components – insulation and membranes all engineered to work together to give your home the highest performance possible. What does that mean exactly ? Our new to the market VAPOUR OPEN wall assemblies are designed to never trap moisture and so will remain healthy indefinitely. The mass timber structural components also perform as a “heat sink” mitigating the effects of seasonal temperature extremes and keeping you comfortable. They help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the heat of summer.  We build to near Passive House standards so our homes do require less energy and cost to maintain. 

In our base quotation we include galvalume (silver metal) corrugated metal siding. We find it is the fastest and most economical option for siding that has long term durability. It is also one of the best choices for owner builders who want to add value by installing the metal package themselves.

We do offer other alternatives like Hardie Board bevel siding and other wood products as an upgrade to the metal.  Check with us for current pricing for those upgrades.

We use a number of tried and true suppliers for our window packages. West Coast Windows and Innotech Windows and Doors – supply most of our window and door packages. For the fixed glazing in our buildings we provide a European frame system from The Door StudioOur pricing allows for the basic double glazing and we can source from our dealer but we recommend working with your local glazer to provide for coatings and double or triple glazed sealed units as required for your local environment.  So if you have any issues or an errant baseball damages the glass you can easily access your local supplier for warranty and repair. Our pricing includes standard  double glazed sealed unit with basic coatings. You can easily upgrade glazing to suit your climatic zone or special requirements.

We supply the material and installation of all window + door  frames, trim and flashings both inside and outside. We do this immediately after the structural shell has been assembled onsite.

We are dedicated to solving all the challenges of installing services before the building arrives on site. Typically with conventional construction projects trade contractors get to see a set of plans and then arrive onsite to start to “figure things out” and solve potential conflicts and challenges. We offer pre-construction virtual 3D walk throughs with your trades so they can see the details and help us better prepare the prefabricated building to streamline their work flow.  These consultations are done via video conferencing with the trades the owner and an Evergreen project manager. Together we can get things “figured out” ahead of time avoiding conflicts and potential mistakes seem to plague construction project due to mis-communication and trades not adequately being prepared.

After a full consultation with each of the specialty trade contractors we go to lengths to install conduit and chases for running electrical and plumbing. Modern prefab is predicated on making the onsite MEPs installation seamless and fast. The less time trade contractors spend on the building site the LOWER THE COST TO THE OWNER.

OUR well trained installation crew efficiently installs all the shell components (aka assemblies), windows and roof to complete “LOCK-UP STAGE” . We get all of the insulated Floor WALL AND ROOF assemblies connected, sealed against weather and ready for the next stage of siding and trim. YOUR SHELL IS TO LOCK UP.

We provide a basic set of Stairs, railing and landing as required by building code for entranceways of all of our buildings. Basic stairs are provided between floors for our multilevel buildings as required as well. 

What is an optional add-on...

We offer a simple well built solid refinished birch plywood kitchen that comes with soft close high end European hinges and slides. We have numerous third party suppliers to chose doors and finishes from. Here’s a good place to start envisioning your final finishes:  Our Primary Cabinet and Hardware Supplier

Many of our prefab designs benefit from well situated decks and railing systems. We offer some basic arrangements that are heavily built timber frames that are pre-fabricated and ready for install onsite. There is a myriad of choices for decking material.

Board+Batten, European wood curtain screen, Hardie Plank/panel, Metal cladding

Nail Laminated timber can be a beautiful alternative to CLT roof structures ask us about including this structure into your building design

We only supply and install interior structural wall components when the shell is being assembled – Most of the interior walls for our designs are not included – We do offer prefab wall units that you can be installed by owners or third party contractors along with door packages and drywall finishes. Our plans and details make for an easy guide to getting this part of the construction done easily by others.

We offer an optional GROUND FRAME foundation system for owners or their contractors to easily install on their own. This system is ultimately cheaper and less invasive (as it requires less on site machinery that can damage ground and nearby vegetation) than a conventional in-ground  concrete foundation. It also serves as a non-permanent foundation solution should you need to move you building in the future. Ask us for details and current pricing for your building. 


We do not do concrete foundations or concrete slabs. The concrete foundation details are included in the drawings and will be specified for your buildings you have decided which foundation best serves your site and needs.  Alternatively we do offer our GROUND FRAME SYSTEM for owners or their contractors to easily install on their own. This system is ultimately cheaper and less invasive (as it requires less on site machinery that can damage ground and nearby vegetation) than a conventional in-ground  concrete foundation.  Ask us for details and current pricing for your building. 

If you have your heart set on specific Kitchen supplier or contractor we are happy to work with them to ensure good compatibility with our shell building. Please contact us for details – our plans typically show a simple practical kitchen layout but the options and layouts for your dream kitchen are endless so we don’t include it in our package.

Once your building is installed we feel it is in your best interest as the owner to have contracts in place with a local plumbing and electrical companies to provide ongoing supply, service and repair. We work closely with these contractors from the outset and will always be available to trouble shoot any future needs for years after you have moved in. The design has been well thought out and “futurized” so that changes and improvements can be made with ease.

We also work closely with your Electrical contractor to preinstall electrical boxes so that wiring your home is easy once the main structure has been assembled. We pre-install electrical chases and conduit to expedite the final onsite wiring thereby reducing the amount of time your electrician has to spend on the job site.  We have provided a best estimate of costs in our costing estimating model but ultimately the options for fixtures and layout is endless so we leave this finishing touch to you and your specialty trade contractor. 

We don’t do drywall – but we do offer design features that makes the drywall installation easier and more economical. The market is exploding with wall finish options so you may elect to use an alternate as well.  For party walls between rooms we have designed and will offer a drywall-ready prefab’d double offset stud wall system that makes finishes easy to perform and sound proof-ness well above what is achieved with current framing standards.

We have a recommended list of fixtures and finishes that would serve you best in the long run but we do not supply the bathroom. Our design layout considers code required space considerations (like required toilet location) and location for reducing costs of plumbing. I.e.  many of the bathrooms we locate as near to kitchen plumbing or “stack” second floor bathrooms over top of lower floor bathrooms for reducing plumbing runs and associated costs.

Although floor plan layout is entirely up to you and your needs we have given thought in our design to locate fixtures and appliances in locations to reduce costs while balancing practical use and space requirements.

The delivery of all building materials for each package is quoted individually for every building we sell. The costs are determined ultimately by distance and access to the building site from our manufacturing facility. The assembly (re-constructing) of all delivered components once they are on site  IS INCLUDED however