We have been working towards delivering the ultimate lean delivered projects in North America for some time. We have put in the time to understand and study alternate ways of constructing commercial buildings and residential homes and we feel that we have landed on a strategy and philosophy of construction that is optimized for the future of the built spaces. 

More efficiently delivered buildings perform at a higher level and are ultimately more affordable.

Here are some of the not so obvious advantages:

  1. They are built  in controlled environments that increase overall efficiency by upwards of 30% in direct cost savings. Less “lunchbox days” onsite for construction
  2.  Less Exposure to the variables if weather. Less steps required to mitigate for these risks
  3. more effort goes into virtual problem solving and preparation before the materials are processed leading to less waste and in the field mistakes. ex. Preplanning and pre-installation of MEPs HVAC mechanical systems is possible; Nesting layout of components that are cut from raw billets is done digitally in the virtual space much like cabinet parts are optimally cut from a sheet of plywood. 
  4. Designing for manufacturing and Assembly has the potential to optimize raw material use. Dimensions of the shell are optimized to utilize raw material sizes. Ex. 10ft wide CLT panels would be built into multiples of the dimension. 30ft – 40ft 50ft house lengths.


Complete the Custom design form...

If you are ok with keeping the foot print simple and are able to let us optimize the design for standard material dimensions, then you can get a "Nearly bespoke" building with prefab affordability. Please click on the link for further information and to complete our custom design form...