REMOTE CABINS – Our prefabricated components allow quick assembly of the building for immediate use. This approach keeps the cost of onsite labour very low and is adapted for easy transport and assembly whether you are accessing your site by land sea or air. Components are boat and helicopter ready and a remote work crew will be able to quickly get these buildings into use. These designs work well for remote industrial sites that need require a permanent or semi-permanent housing solution or home owners looking for an efficient “off grid” building solution.

Cabin 16x20

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XL Cabin 16x30

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XL Cabin.16x30.LoftFLR
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Preliminary estimate for Standard cabin with add-ons

Starting with a basic shell you can add in all the components that you will require to complete your project. Leave off the items that you plan to finish yourself or have third party trades complete.

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Thank you for the interest in our  line of high performance modern cabins.

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If you are ok with keeping the foot print simple and are able to let us optimize the design for standard material dimensions, then you can get a "Nearly bespoke" building with prefab affordability. Please click on the link for further information and to complete our custom design form...


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