Timber framing is timeless art that honours the value we have in our forests. A home built with timber offers the ultimate in living with the nature and the large timber elements command a feeling of strength and longevity.

Every craftsman who is drawn to working with timber knows the commitment he/she has made to honouring the trees that were felled to provide a solid home. Working with timbers is our passion and we want to continue to bring it successfully into the modern age of high performance homes.

The tradition of working with timbers  has been our passion for more than 20 years. Whether we are installing a simple timber covered deck, or a more distinguished truss system over a dining room our team of carpenters are proud of what they do.

Integrating modern wall systems with structural timbers gives us our highest joy for our craft.  All of our timber framing is bespoke so please bring us your wildest ideas and we will lovingly build a masterpiece for generations to enjoy.

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